Vikingfjord is a Norwegian vodka brand. The brand operates with the pay off «cold brings us together», and earlier marketing has especially focused on the fact that the vodka originates from Norway, a cold and snowy country in the north. Our task was to come up with a concept that would make Vikingfjord relevant for the summer months, as well as challenge people's perception of it to be a somewhat masculine brand. To create a feeling of summer, we decided to make vodka ice lollies and ice cubes with edible flowers. We also designed a drinks bar made out of ice, highlighting the fact that «cold brings us together», also when it's warm outside.

Because advertising alcohol is illegal in Norway, we utilised a private event for the launch of the concept: Universal Music's summer party. Here people could take pictures of the ice bar, ice lollies and drinks with ice cubes in them, and post them to their personal Instagram accounts and blogs to create hype around the brand. By handing out vodka ice lollies at the start of the red carpet parade, celebrities were filmed and photographed by nationwide press whilst enjoying them.