Veidekke, one of Scandinavia's leading contractors and property developers, have an aim to recruit the best engineers in the business. The only problem is, because of their name (‘Pavement’), many people aren’t aware of the fact that they’ve had a crucial role in some of the most exciting construction projects in Norway. 

To trigger the curiosity of potential applicants and raise awareness of what Veidekke actually do, we developed 4 different tests where people could answer questions related to 4 of Veidekke's most prominent projects. As questions were answered correctly, the different projects came to life. The result of the test gave people an informal indication of whether they have what it takes to work at Veidekke, and encouraged people who did to apply for a job.

Another element to the campaign were four films starring the Norwegian comedian Hasse Hope. In each film he meets up with engineers from Veidekke who have played key roles in the various projects. Each project is presented in an entertaining and humorous way, and highlight the technical challenges that the young engineers encountered during the building process. 

The campaign achieved great results, the most important one being that the number of applicants for Veidekke's trainee program increased with over 50% compared to the previous year.