Telstra is Australia’s most reliable mobile network provider, with more than 4 times the 4G-coverage area of any other mobile network in the country. The problem is, people are settling for average network providers because they’re cheaper. If they choose Telstra they can enjoy more of what they love, in more places. Our task was to demonstrate this in a way that got people’s attention on social media.

We decided that we could do this by placing four of the fastest Samsung smart phones in secret locations across Australia, live-streaming through Periscope. If people recognize the locations, they can go and look for them! If they find a phone, it’s theirs to keep.

On Australia’s superior mobile network, they can be almost anywhere, so during the campaign, clues about the phone’s locations will be posted on Telstra’s social channels to help people out. The campaign will stay live until all the phones have been found.

Participants will be able to comment on the Periscope live-stream, and we’ll engage with the participants, welcoming them and talking to them about the details of the competition. To push customer engagement on the live stream we will reward participants who are continually engaged or who ‘ask the best questions’.