This campaign was developed for Stiftelsen Organdonasjon (Norwegian Organ Donor Foundation), to increase the number of young organ donors. When asked about the subject, many young people are interested, but they refrain from signing up because they consider it an inconvenience. If they do sign up, a recurring problem is that they forget to inform their next of kin about their decision, which is a vital part of the process.

We wanted to speak to them in a language that they identify with, such as the fun and playful digital language of emojis. Our campaign enables people to send an emoji heart to sign up as an organ donor, turning it into an easy and natural action for the target group.

To make sure they remember to tell their closest family, they will receive a confirmation after sending a heart, in form of a square image. This can be forwarded immediately to inform their closest family about their decision, as well as posted to their social media channels to encourage friends to do the same.