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adidas Originals has always existed to empower creators. As we set out to launch Nite Jogger, a sneaker geared towards late-night creators, we wanted to prove this once again.

Just like the sneakers themselves, which use reflective technology to look completely different in the dark, these creators are one thing by day, another by night. By day, nine-to-fivers, working against the rules set out by society; by night, creators finally free to work on something that matters to them.

So often, however, these creators are left working alone — with no facilitation or even anyone speaking their language.
That’s why we made NEVER TOO LATE in collaboration with Viceland. A TV show to help late-night creators take their work to the next level, by giving them a budget and a space to showcase their true passion.


Waitress by day, neon artist by night: Leticia (aka Tiza) is given 72 hours to create an immersive infinity mirror experience and install it in a famous Los Angeles flower market.


Delivery driver by day, dancer by night: James (aka Lord Fin) is given 36 hours to choreograph and produce a one-shot dance video in the desert.


Server by day, photographer by night: Val Vega is given 36 hours to create a new portrait series and project it on a building in downtown LA.


Sales guy by day, rapper by night: Marlon Smith (aka Marlo) is given 36 hours to write a new song and perform it live in an underground Soho boxing gym.

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