HCF’s Bounceback is a reasonable life insurance cover designed for those under 30. The issue is that people don’t want to think about life insurance in general, let alone younger people - it suggests ‘death’ and feels very distant to them.

We wanted to stay well away from that, and instead remind them that insurance can enable them to continue their awesome, active lifestyles without worrying. We wanted to say: Don’t give up the risky stuff because we’ve got your back, and decided that making “live action” billboards was the best way to do so.

We’ll have local heroes such as skaters, BMX-riders, trampoliners and divers doing their thing as part of these billboards, which will be placed in busy areas where young people enjoy hanging out. GoPro cameras will be strapped to their helmets, live-streaming the action, which will result in interesting shareable content. The thrillboards will have HCF messaging on them, and we’ll get young local artists involved in the making of these. Young filmmakers will create short videos of both the making of the billboards and the stunts.

A radio team will be stationed at the thrillboards when they launch, broadcasting interviews with the local heroes, commenting live on their performances and chatting with the crowd. HCF representatives will also be present, signing people up on the spot.