Taking inspiration from the rebellious and trailblazing female icons of the ‘90’s, Falcon is about being unapologetically loud and not letting other people’s opinions stifle your POV or creativity.

When the Falcon Dorf's were first created, Thelma and Louise, The Spice Girls, and other pop culture icons symbolized a new form of female independence. 20 years later, Kylie Jenner, with her business acumen and enormous social media influence, is a contemporary symbol of this.

For the second chapter of Falcon, we wanted to show Kylie not as the mere subject of our campaign, but as the mind behind it - showing her creativity in action and using it as an opportunity to defy the idea of her being just an endorser. In the film she customizes her own ‘90s car, an homage to her genuine passion for sports cars.

The campaign was shot by director Glassface and photographer Stevie Dance.